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We are asking anyone who may have information that may assist us in identification to come forward to us. In Vietnam have taken hair and blood samples from family members who fear that their relatives may be among the victims. He also ordered police to begin an investigation into alleged human trafficking activities, according to Reuters.. So you can waste… Read more →

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Researchers found that the CheXpert model outperformed the current system of using a radiologist to create radiology reports for all key pneumonia findings, plus NLP. It also did so in less than 10 seconds, compared to the 20 minutes to hours from NLP. NLP of radiology reports was the most frequent cause of errors within ePNa.. Although Haumea appears to… Read more →

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This paper presents a hyper heuristic approach which hybridises low level heuristic moves to improve timetables. Exams which cause a soft constraint violation in the timetable are ordered and rescheduled to produce a better timetable. It is observed that both the order in which exams are rescheduled and the heuristic moves used to reschedule the exams and improve the timetable… Read more →

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Here, we compare DNA samples from zebrafish Danio rerio and three spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus collected via fin clipping and skin swabbing techniques, and test a range of DNA extraction methods, including commercially available kits and a lower cost, in house method. We verify the method for polymerase chain reaction analysis, and examine the potential risk of cross contamination between… Read more →

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The commercial availability of ultrasound scans for pregnant women has been controversial yet little is known about why women make use of such services. This article reports on semi structured interviews with women in the UK who have booked a commercial scan, focusing on the reasons women gave for booking commercially provided ultrasound during a low risk pregnancy. Participants TM… Read more →

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