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The target respondents were equestrians involved in eventing, including jumping their horses over fences either 100cms. Data were described qualitatively and analysed statistically to identify any relationships between selected parameters. A total of 146 responses were analysed. Adult offsprings brain phospholipid concentrations were reduced, which may suggest changes in brain development, but food intake and hypothalamic protein expression were unchanged.… Read more →

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Modifications of the BsAb structure, resulting from enzymatic and non enzymatic processes, further complicate the analysis. An important example of the latter type of modification is glycation, which can occur in the manufacturing process, during storage in formulation, or in vivo. Glycation affects structure, function, and stability of monoclonal antibodies, and consequently, detailed analysis of glycation levels is required. Chile… Read more →

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Ray, Ernie, M. Doyle, S. Palmer.. All starscome from humble beginnings:namely, a gigantic, rotating clump of gas and dust. Gravity drivesthecloudtocondense as itspins, swirling intoanever more tightly packed sphere of material. Eventually, the star to bebecomes so dense and hot that molecules of hydrogen in its core collide and fuse into new molecules ofhelium. Tissue engineering of any tissue type… Read more →

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Cases involving police who drive drunk are part of the larger problem of driving under the influence (DUI). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that alcohol impaired traffic accidents kill over 10,000 people annually, accounting for nearly one third of all traffic related deaths in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). But, cases that… Read more →