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Army, said Lt. Col. Ruth Diaz, spokeswoman for the Puerto Rico National Guard.. But getting back to the popularity of medical tourism, we’re seeing this come on with strong momentum right now. More and more people are taking this option. They’re booking tickets, going online to learn more about these hospitals, and opting to have these surgical procedures done overseas.… Read more →

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Il y a quelque chose l dedans qui est difficile expliquer. Il y a des dames qui me parlent des scnes qu’elles n’aiment pas. J’ai plusieurs plaintes quand je sacre. This paper presents a new pipeline, named Fragon, in which fragments (ideal helices or strands) are placed using Phaser and the phases calculated from these coordinates are then improved by… Read more →

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A graduate of USC with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance, Berger is an active member of the community, volunteering for numerous charities and currently serving on the Board of Trustees of Chandler School. He resides in Altadena with his wife and two daughters. And Canada including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland,… Read more →

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We’ve set out to determine the effect of arctic ice melt on the coastline of Florida, more specifically its major cities and tourist attractions. To do this, we created multiple mathematical models on different bases to ensure that our models are behaving in an appropriate manner. We constructed one statistical model based on past sea level rise data, and one… Read more →

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Solutions should be sought through the implementation of realistic social policies as opposed to the current failed strategy of total reliance on force. In addition, government must show a convincing resolve to fight corruption; engage constructively with restive youth all over the country; strengthen civil institutions and encourage civil society initiatives. Above all, a robust pursuit of enlightenment strategies through… Read more →