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In this paper we study this cell cycle acceleration and recruitment by forming a differential equation model for ATP mediated calcium cell cycle coupling via Cyclin D in a single radial glial cell.Bifurcation analysis and numerical simulations suggest that the cell cycle period depends only weakly on cytoplasmic calcium. Therefore the accelerative impact of calcium on the cell cycle can… Read more →

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Segregation in a variety of forms suggests that it would be fruitful to focus more attention on the variability existing within already “integrated” occupations.” same may be written of social groups and societies. Credit: Steven G. Johnson.. THE air above Ray Millington’s Crookwell district home had “more planes than Mascot” on Friday. Aerial water bombing played a big role in… Read more →

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The state of Florida holds freshwater resources in public “trust” for all to enjoy. Freshwater resources, riparian lands, and navigable waterways are intertwined by state laws as public domain. One cannot insure riparian lands including freshwater and saltwater because with some exceptions only the state (public) has the right to own lands covered with navigable freshwater or saltwater. Sierra Metals… Read more →

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Sticks and StonesEntertainment reporters are abuzz over thepurported hypocrisy inherent inexclamations from America’s Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks, upon gazing at the”smallest waist/waste in the world” possessed by an up and coming potential next top model. The “skinny” is that thehigh fashion industry has always been and will continue to be dominated by the glamour of haute couture where… Read more →

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Leadership class members develop lasting relationships with their peers which benefit both the members and the community. The chamber’s Leadership program is a proven opportunity for invaluable education and understanding about our area and how it works. Thirty two years of alumni has shown that this microcosm has contributed to making Thomasville and Thomas County a more dynamic place to… Read more →

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