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The Lismore Laurel Club of Legacy monthly meeting held Fri, Nov 10 at the CWA Rooms in Spinks Park at 10.30am. Information discussion. Speakers include Peter Davidson (ACOSS), Michael Raper (Welfare Rights Centre), Paul Doughty (ACTU) Dr Yvonne Hartman Angela Pollard. We then developed an auxin accumulation assay with associated mathematical modelling to enumerate accurate IC50 values for a small… Read more →

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Le Fey made headlines in January after Impose’s Blake Gillespie published the piece “Abuse in Silence: Globelamp’s Court Ordered Excommunication from Foxygen.” The article examines the time le Fey spent in LA indie rock band Foxygen and their subsequent falling out. It details her relationship with frontman Sam France whom le Fey met in 2012, when he reached out to… Read more →