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During Lansky heyday, the ADL wasn powerful enough to prevent his deportation, but that situation changed in the 1980s, when the ADL began its collaboration with the FBI. During this same decade, the ADL successfully rehabilitated Moe Dalitz giving him their Torches of Liberty award, again in exchange for large charitable contributions to their organization. (More about Meyer Lansky the… Read more →

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It is, and we do. Not normative ethics, not ethics based on the need to behave well or else be struck down by a lightning bolt, but practical, pragmatic ethics with commitment to understanding how and why honesty and trust are actually good for business. Trust creates wealth. Slow economic growth has pressurized insurers by challenging their investment strategy, existing… Read more →

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They. Are. Simply part of a fascist movement in this country that wants every single fucking quality that fascists desire. But as rewarding and gratifying as her work in the slam scene has been, Stewart found herself recently wanting something more, wanting to explore a subject in greater depth and breadth than that scene’s short form performance would allow. And… Read more →

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In essence, the primary victims of the United States War on Drugs are women of color. The global increase of womens imprisonment in the past two decades can arguably be attributed to this increased surveillance, control and obsession with trafficking of illegal substances, mainly with their carriers. Since women are increasingly carrying these drugs across borders, they are also increasingly… Read more →