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But there are states of ill health that may cause the lower or upper sclera to become visible. Traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy relies heavily on assessing visible often seemingly unrelated symptoms. When the lower sclera is visible, this is called ‘Yin Sanpaku’ and is attributed to physical imbalances in the body. Always remember finesse, not force. Work in increments,… Read more →

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The position on homosexuality is curious. Homosexuals are welcome in the Salvation Army, but like all Salvationists they are expected to be celibate before marriage. However, since the Salvation Army considers same sex marriage to go against Bible teaching, this is effectively the same as saying that homosexuals should be celibate for life.. Earth itself is mostly a deathtrap. Travel… Read more →

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBut even if software on a system is impenetrable, some decidely low tech means can allow theives to make a terminal work for them. Security researchers Steven Murdoch and Saar Drimer demonstrated this effectively by replacing the guts of a PIN terminal with a program that can play Tetris.You can watch a… Read more →

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A fully integrated on board battery charger for future electric vehicles (EVs) has been recently introduced. It reutilizes all the propulsion components of an EV in charging/vehicle to grid (V2G) modes, it does not require any additional components or hardware reconfiguration, and charging/V2G modes are realized with zero electromagnetic torque production. Both fast (three phase) and slow (single phase) chargings… Read more →

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