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Here we test the association of personality (assertiveness, openness, attentiveness, neuroticism, and sociability) with fWHR, face width/lower face height, and lower face/face height ratio in 64 capuchins (Sapajus apella). In a structural model of personality and facial metrics, fWHR was associated with assertiveness, while lower face/face height ratio was associated with neuroticism (erratic vs. Stable behaviour) and attentiveness (helpfulness vs.… Read more →

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Downvote me if you like, but there no reason for it. My University has an excellent student accessibility office. I a clinical psychologist, so I not entirely uninformed about the baserate of learning disorders, ADHD, and other conditions that might lead to justifiable accommodations. Between us and the heart of our Galaxy, lies many wonders that are much closer, such… Read more →

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Looking through the King Street facing windows of Taverna Cretekou, pedestrians are blind to the exotic, plant filled patio through the restaurant’s back door that all but transports diners to Greece. Down the street at Sonoma Cellar, guests can escape the formality of a typical wine restaurant for the laid back, California inspired patio that’s tucked away past the bar.… Read more →

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The Westin Greenwood Village will feature a full service restaurant and lobby bar, 10,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, a WestinWORKOUT studio, indoor pool and business center. The sensory rich environment at Westin offers a respite from the rigors of travel and sets a welcoming tone. The Westin brand’s innovative programs and instinctive service transform every aspect of a… Read more →

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The same goes for “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.” It’s also an extremely off putting sketch show. Fielding plays a version of himself that lives in a type of treehouse with Andy Warhol and a man named Smooth who has an elephant’s nose. And, in one particularly disturbing bit, Fielding plays the “Ghost of a Flea” who visits poet William Blake… Read more →

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Based on our findings, we have developed a website based intervention addressing students TM depression literacy. A usability study with the target population can identify the website TMs usefulness and allow us to review it prior to an RCT.Methods: Twenty local undergraduate students will be recruited and will access the website for a week. Afterwards they will complete a usability… Read more →

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Welcome to Publishing 101 in the United States of America. This is the way publishing works in America and throughout the world. Far too many mainstream newspapers, cable news networks, TV news stations and newsstand magazines are basically just infomercials. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng shed 1.0% as financial issues fell under a stiff bout of selling pressure. HSBC, China Construction… Read more →

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