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We recently demonstrated that SB269652 (1) engages one protomer of a dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) dimer in a bitopic mode to allosterically inhibit the binding of dopamine at the other protomer. Herein, we investigate structural deter minants for allostery, focusing on modifications to three moieties within 1. We find that orthosteric head groups with small 7 substituents were important to… Read more →

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Using the Keck Observatory, O’Donoghue and a team of researchers found charged water particles falling from the planet’s rings into Saturn’s atmosphere. They also found the extent of the ring rain is far greater, and falls across larger areas of the planet, than previously thought. The work reveals the rain influences the composition and temperature structure of parts of Saturn’s… Read more →

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“They asked if I would help them create a whole new vehicle for a very particular situation,” Bangle said. “They were very interested in trying to resolve the megacity problem for people in China, where electric vehicles are really the best alternative. They wanted a vehicle which specifically addressed what happens to people in big cities.”. Nurses see,hear,do and put… Read more →

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PROPOSED CHANGES AS COMMISSIONER: What Sheikie baby would change? Let girlie punk players try showboat on da pitcher after hitting home run. I come down from luxurious box and beat his a . That wuss stuff. March 12, 1921 Accused of throwing the 1919 World Series, Chicago White Sox pitchers Eddie Cicotte and Claude “Lefty” Williams, first baseman Chick Gandil,… Read more →