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Some liberals who hoped Johnsen would be Obama’s tonic to the office under Bush are bitterly disappointed by her withdrawal, and some accuse the White House of not backing their own candidate. But Lee Casey, a Washington attorney who was an attorney adviser in the Office of Legal Counsel in 1992 and 1993, says her nomination may have been abandoned… Read more →

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The processing of binaural cues for sound location has been studied extensively. However, although the advantage conferred by bandwidth is clear, we currently know little about how this additional information is combined to form our percept of space. We investigated the ability of cells in the auditory system of guinea pigs to compare interaural level differences (ILDs), a key localization… Read more →

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And Kauffmann, Guinevere and Kinemuchi, Karen and Klaene, Mark A. And Knapen, Johan H. And Leauthaud, Alexie and Li, Cheng and Lin, Lihwai and Maiolino, Roberto and Malanushenko, Viktor and Malanushenko, Elena and Mao, Shude and Maraston, Claudia and McDermid, Richard M. “There’s certainly a political element,” says Steven Dudley, co director of Insight Crime, a foundation that studies organized… Read more →

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Sixteen presidents have used the act as a means to cement their legacies. But to some Americans, including many Westerners, the use of executive action to restrict how locals can use federal land reeks of government overreach. At the heart of these tensions lies both a shared sense of pride in America’s so called natural cathedrals, and a fundamental disagreement… Read more →

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