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A legitimate question: Why would anyone in their right mind buy the dip right now? The major stock indices are in nosebleed territory valuation wise. Bond markets are plagued by negative yields and inverted curves. The White House is occupied by an utterly unpredictable whirling dervish. Across this province, and especially young people, are demanding we take the climate crisis… Read more →

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Increase in energy usage, particularly from fossil fuel sources is widely understood to be responsible for the environmental problems (Climate Change) experienced globally today. Response to mitigating this anthropogenic induced consequence created the need for innovative low carbon and renewable technologies in buildings. In the UK presently, every new building is expected to be low carbon and energy efficient. The… Read more →

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Whittaker is directing the development of Astrobotic’s first lunar robot, which is vying to win the $20 million Google Lunar X PRIZE by visiting the Apollo 11 landing site and transmitting high definition video to Earth. They are looking to launch in December 2010. The robot has been undergoing field trials for several months.. “Prime Day offers us a unique… Read more →

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