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And Zacchei, A. The catalogue (PSZ2) is the largest SZ selected sample of galaxy clusters yet produced and the deepest systematic all sky surveyof galaxy clusters. It contains 1653 detections, of which 1203 are confirmed clusters with identified counterparts in external data sets, and is the first SZ selected cluster survey containing >103 confirmed clusters. The train was a bit… Read more →

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This reduction was statistically significant (Cohen’s d = 0.7) and was clinically significant for 51% of the experimental group and 5% of the control group. This reduction was evident 4 weeks after commencing the iCBT intervention. Furthermore, the experimental group had a greater reduction in insomnia, depression, hyperacusis, cognitive failures, and a greater improvement in quality of life, as evidenced… Read more →

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And there’s the NHTSA study but has it truly brought redemption? Toyota will likely continue announcing recalls more readily than in the past. After paying record fines totaling $48.8 million last year for stonewalling on safety issues, the maker needs a proactive stance in a toughened regulatory environment. “If we’re ever even slightly on the edge” when it comes to… Read more →

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Both of these might speed up or delay the acquisition and extinction of conditioned behavior. We report an experiment that manipulated the rate of reinforcement and inter trial interval (ITI) on a simulated slot machine where participants were given the choice between gambling and skipping on each trial, before perseverative gambling was measured in extinction, followed by measurements of the… Read more →

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