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And much like Earth, temperatures and pressures inside Jupiter increase dramatically toward the core. At the “surface”, the pressure and temperature are believed to be 10 bars and 340 K (67 C, 152 F). In the region where hydrogen becomes metallic, it is believed that temperatures reach 10,000K (9,700C; 17,500F) and pressures 200GPa. Brown adipose tissue activity was measured using… Read more →

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To do it, lie faceup with legs straight, and ankles, knees, and thighs together. Flex feet and extend arms overhead. Inhale to prepare as you lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. To avoid this, the zero sequence voltage produced by the switching combinations adopted to synthetize the control signals needs to be instantaneously eliminated. IEEE, 2017, p.… Read more →

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Background: falls in hospitals are a major problem and contribute to substantial healthcare burden. Advances in sensor technology afford innovative approaches to reducing falls in acute hospital care. However, whether these are clinically effective and cost effective in the UK setting has not been evaluated.Methods: pragmatic, parallel arm, individual randomised controlled trial of bed and bedside chair pressure sensors using… Read more →

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Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have measured the rotation rate of an extreme exoplanet 2M1207b by observing the varied brightness in its atmosphere. This is the first measurement of the rotation of a massive exoplanet using direct imaging. Credit: ESOLittle by little we’re coming to know at least some of the 2,085 exoplanets discovered to date more intimately despite… Read more →

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Conscious cosmologyYet, as I hinted above, there’s still something missing from all this: Consciousness. Without consciousness, the universe cannot be fully explained, as consciousness is increasingly emerging as a fundamental force impacting the very fabric of reality. This is really, really frustrating for many scientists because, for starters, the majority of them don’t even believe in the existence of consciousness.… Read more →

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It will be important to contextualize the universalism of whiteness that provides a safe way for white viewers to experience the show, which is about predominately black women. These authenticity narratives add an interesting dynamic to the series. I want to think about why this story has appealed to different kinds of people. Concluded that the LR had found a… Read more →

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