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Over time, access to diagnostic techniques has improved alongside improvements and changes in classification and clinical coding. Furthermore, SCR now receives neuropathology data from all neuro oncology centres in Scotland, and has sought to collect information on benign tumours of the brain and spinal cord since the year of diagnosis, 2000. The date of diagnosis was taken as i) the… Read more →

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The Contracting Officer may unilaterally reduce and/or de obligate any quantities not supplied/performed at the end of the Unilateral Modifications; The Government may make unilateral modifications considered administrative in nature. Clauses Incorporated by Reference. The following DFARS clauses apply, 252.203 7000 requirements Relating to compensation of Former DOD Officials , 252.203 7002 Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights, 252.204… Read more →

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We excluded studies that assessed collisions that occurred as a result of competitive cycling. We carried out a meta analysis using the random effects model where at least three studies reported the same intervention and outcome. Where there were sufficient studies, as a secondary analysis we accounted for changes in cyclist exposure in the calculation of the rate ratios. The… Read more →

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Mutations in TNFRSF1A encoding TNF receptor 1 (TNFR1) cause the autosomal dominant TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS): a systemic autoinflammatory disorder. Misfolding, intracellular aggregation, and ligand independent signaling by mutant TNFR1 are central to disease pathophysiology. Our aim was to understand the extent of signaling pathway perturbation in TRAPS. His son is not on a football scholarship, he is… Read more →

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E. And Aburto, Tania C. And Achoki, Tom and Adelekan, Ademola and Adofo, Koranteng and Adou, Arsne K. My (perhaps modest) amendment is that previous work paid insufficient attention to the limits of parsimonious models. Legal scholarship has yet to investigate sufficiently the intricacies within collective action dynamics that have been limned in recent social scientific research. Attention to those… Read more →

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As pasture declined in the study area, while arable and urban/transport infrastructure increased, amphibian dispersal became more difficult. However, dispersal paths proved difficult to evaluate in a patchy landscape like the one surveyed, due to a paucity of spatial signal. Pond loss is a more tractable reason for the observed amphibian species decline than is the quality of intervening terrestrial… Read more →

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Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis paper proposes a novel methodology for extracting the underlying trend and predicting the power usage through a joint singular spectrum analysis (SSA) and sparse binary programming approach. The underlying trend is approximated by the sum of a part of SSA components, in which the total number of the SSA components in the… Read more →