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Drained and undrained tests have been carried out on polypropylene fibre reinforced sand with and without the addition of cement. Samples with varying fibre and cement content were prepared by the method of undercompaction and were cured for 28 days prior to testing.The experimental results indicate that there is a significant effect from the addition of fibre and/or cement contents… Read more →

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I used to read all of this stuff with great interest. I engaged with it. Wow, I thought, good for Mr X! What a great job, and Company Y has really landed a catch there. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe increasing prevalence of poorly soluble drugs in development provides notable risk of new products demonstrating low and erratic bioavailabilty with consequences… Read more →

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Today most Americans believe that freedom can be achieved only through violence. This is the message of most Hollywood movies. The theologian Walter Wink calls this “the myth of redemptive violence.” This myth teaches that good can overcome evil only through war and violence. It cooks food due to microwave radiations which heats the food uniformly unlike any other heat… Read more →

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The stomach secretes acid and powerful enzymes that continue the process of breaking down the food. When it leaves the stomach, food is the consistency of a liquid or paste. The small intestine continues the process of breaking down food by using enzymes released by the pancreas and bile from the liver. Mr. Darby killing is the second murder in… Read more →