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Breast cancer is a complicated, heterogeneous and diversified disease that comprises of a mixture of various subtypes. The emergence of high throughout technologies such as gene expression profiling and DNA copy number analysis has allowed a profound awareness of this complex disease. Breast cancer molecular classification began with ER, PR and HER2 based stratification of patients, and further classified into… Read more →

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We present experimental and theoretical results for the adjustment of a fluid (homogeneous or linearly stratified), which is initially rotating as a solid body with angular frequency ‘”, to a nonlinear increase ” in the angular frequency of all bounding surfaces. The fluid is contained in a cylinder of square cross section which is aligned centrally along the rotation axis,… Read more →

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The IDP2017 consists of two parts: (1) a compilation of digital data for more than 450 TEIs as well as standard hydrographic parameters, and (2) the eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas providing an on line atlas that includes more than 590 section plots and 130 animated 3D scenes. The digital data are provided in several formats, including ASCII, Excel spreadsheet, netCDF, and… Read more →

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