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Applications of Seismology One aspect of seismology is concerned with measuring the speeds at which seismic waves travel through the earth. Past earthquake studies have shown that P, or primary/compressional, waves travel fastest through the earth; S, or secondary/transverse, waves cannot pass through liquids, allowing scientists to discern the earth’s many boundary layers known as the crust, mantle, and core.… Read more →

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Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) a type of tomography in which gamma photon radionuclides are administered to patients and then detected by one or more gamma cameras rotated around the patient. From the series of two dimensional images produced, a three dimensional image can be created by computer reconstruction. The technique improves resolution of, and decreases interference by, overlapping… Read more →

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Knowledge engineering has suffered some criticism from within its own ranks, too, particularly of the “rapid prototyping” approach, in which acquired knowledge was encoded directly into an iteratively developed computer system. This approach was indeed rapid, but when used to deliver a final system, it became nearly impossible to verify and validate the system or to maintain it. A solution… Read more →

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With as yet unmatched resolution, our results confirm that P. Aeruginosa strains can be divided into three major groups that are further divided into subgroups, some not previously reported in the literature. We also provide the first snapshot of P. In January, the family car would be packed, and Florida’s new first family drove themselves to their new elevated status… Read more →