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El artculo explora sus motivaciones en el uso del internet y el papel que juegan sus relaciones ya establecidas en la comunidad local para reforzar ese uso o alejarlos del internet. El artculo identifica cuatro aspectos catalizadores que determinan trayectorias, tanto hacia el uso del internet como en su contra, y que son los siguientes: familia, roles sociales, ‘perdida’, y… Read more →

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Standardbreds hit the ground collectively on September 1. By the way, happy punting, Sarah. Remember, being a politician, you best betting each way. Emerging economies are not only developing their own businesses but also acquiring brand names and businesses from around the world. Will this have effects on the way consumers perceive these businesses and brands? Will it necessitate a… Read more →

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All coaches agreed that strength training enhanced rowing performance and the majority (74%) indicated that athletes’ strength trained 2 3 times a week. Almost all coaches (94%) reported their rowers performed strength training, with 81% using Olympic lifting, and 91% employing a periodized training model. The clean (63%) and squat (27%) were rated the most important prescribed exercises. September 2002:… Read more →

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