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More than two thirds say the goal of going to college is to make more money, compared to 44 percent in 1976, according to a survey conducted for the recent book, “Generation on a Tightrope: A Portrait of Today’s College Student,” by Arthur Levine, former president of Teachers College, Columbia University, and Illinois State University Professor Diane R. Dean. So… Read more →

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Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that he was by this tragic incident. Am receiving regular updates from the Home Office will work closely with Essex Police as we establish exactly what has happened. My thoughts are with all those who lost their lives their loved ones, he wrote. But the 33 year old Lebanese Canadian doctoral student was not chatting with… Read more →

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Does Collins represent the future or a relic of the past?Collins’s Capitol Hill career almost got lost in a drawer. Her letter inquiring about an internship in the office of freshman Congressman William Cohen (R) of Maine was stamped as received on May 25, 1973. But it wasn’t discovered until a couple months later when a new chief of staff… Read more →

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No picture, no posts, no followers. Their handle is “Chloe8438488382” or some garbage like that. Goodbye, bot. Agricultural products as part of the “phase one” trade deal, but it is not likely to reach the $40 billion to $50 billion touted by Trump under current circumstances, the people said. The people asked not to be identified discussing the private negotiations.… Read more →

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O’Dowd faced several problems. The enemy now in place on the island ridge could observe any pullout from the forward positions on Hill 504. The Chinese engaged with D Company in the ongoing battle for the summit of the hill would follow up on any withdrawal, and other enemy troops might have already established a block along the withdrawal route.… Read more →

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The companies submit these manuscripts to medical journals, where they fare quite well and are published. The published articles contribute to accepted scientific opinions, but the circumstances of their production remain largely invisible. When the articles are useful, the marketing departments of the drug companies involved will buy thousands of reprints, which sales representatives (reps) can give to physicians.. A.,… Read more →

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70% of GDP is consumer spending. Getting more money into the hands of low wage workers who will spend that money quickly is amazingly stimulative to the overall economy. A study I link below shows that for every $1 increase in minimum wage a worker will spend over $2,000 more a year.. Affective labour foregrounds corporeality and bodily states which,… Read more →

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The reported cost to the dentist was $54,000. In Roosevelt day, a rhino license cost $15, an elephant $85. Lions and leopards, common and considered pests, required no license.. Pressure drop measurements were made using differential pressure transducer. The mean void fraction, the void fraction in the slug region, the slug velocity and the dimensionless length of liquid slug all… Read more →

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The match fixing controversy necessitated the induction of a few talented youngsters into the Indian side, which made a whale of a difference at the Nairobi Gymkhana as the Indians beat the World champions Australia in the Quarter final of the ICC KnockOut trophy. The aggression displayed by the Indians came as a pleasant surprise to the followers of the… Read more →

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