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Paliwoda Marc S. Seiden Luke Frist Jesse D. Mizener Craig Davis Michael A. Digital photography offers law enforcement numerous benefits, including instant access to images, rapid transportability of pictures within a department or to outside agencies, and decreased cost and time as these cameras require no film development.Of course, photographs which generally hold substantial weight serve as one of the… Read more →

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Purpose ” The purpose of this paper is to investigate how buying firms facing low supply chain visibility can utilize their stakeholder network to identify salient supply chain sustainability risks (SCSR). Design/methodology/approach ” The study employs a design science approach to develop a procedural model for identifying SCSR as a new artifact. A small scale field testing study in a… Read more →

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“Bombarded by solar and cosmic radiation for billions of years and left largely undisturbed, the Moon is a historic archive of our Sun and solar system. Scientific discoveries are locked in its regolith that could lead to improved understanding of our own planet and its evolution. It also harbors resources, such as water, that are among the rarest and most… Read more →

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Electronics are not banned from landfills in Michigan, but pose an environmental hazard when thrown in the trash.The North Kent Transfer Station, South Kent Landfill and Recycling Education Center will begin charging recycling fees based on the diagonal size of the television: $10 for televisions 27″ or smaller and $20 for televisions larger than 27″ for Kent County residents with… Read more →

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Paterno family, along with attorneys for Spanier, Curley and Schultz, vehemently deny any suggestion they protected a pedophile. Curley and Schultz await trial on charges of failing to report child abuse and lying to a grand jury but maintain their innocence. Spanier hasn been charged. Ten participants volunteered and were recruited by mental health NHS staff in central England. All… Read more →

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PreludeThe Hellenic League’s fleet had been skulking around off the island of Delos for a while, unwilling to venture across the Aegean without the additional numbers the Athenians would provide. The people of Athens had refused to send ships until the Peloponnesians committed to a battle against Mardonius on land. However, as soon as they heard of the march of… Read more →

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