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This mosaic of Titan was created from the first flyby of the moon by Cassini in 2004. Credit: NASA/JPL/SS”The surface of Titan is really fantastic. We have open oceans or seas of hydrcarbons on Titan. 3D printing is of great interest for tissue engineering scaffolds due to the ability to form complex geometries and control internal structures, including porosity and… Read more →

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Tracy’s lie was exposed once a member of “Team Tracy” contacted a car dealer from Washington and confessed the whole thing. The owner of the car dealership, Matthew Welch, felt betrayed and disappointed by this, as he too helped with Tracy’s endeavor to raise money. Nonetheless, he put his anger away and stated that: “She doesn’t have cancer she never… Read more →

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“We are preparing to sue every clerk of court in the state of Florida that refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples on Jan. 6,” she said. Supreme Court “to avoid uncertainty and inconsistency in Florida’s marriage laws to avoid this type of situation. He was an innovator, creating numerous community service programs, including neighborhood free health clinics… Read more →