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The devices, discovered on Friday, were hidden in printers and would have been powerful enough to destroy the planes carrying them, Britain said.The plot highlighted what appeared to be a loophole in air cargo security that put passengers’ lives at risk after Qatar Airways confirmed the Dubai parcel had been transported on its passenger planes from the Yemeni capital Sanaa… Read more →

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For young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in regular schools, ASD specific service delivery options include regular class placement with itinerant consultative support and support class placement. This study provided an examination of levels of parent, teacher and principal satisfaction with both regular class placement (n = 39) and a satellite support class option (n=35), which provides a more… Read more →

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Les analystes dtaillent les consquences de la mise en oeuvre de cette mesure si les provinces/territoires adoptent ce changement et demeurent partie prenante des accords de perception fiscale, n’cartant pas ainsi l’hypothse que des provinces dcident de faire bande part comme le Qubec l’a fait en 1954. Autre incidence notable, le gouvernement fdral pourrait tre contraint d’offrir l’option aux conjoints… Read more →

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Of the 27 people executed in Arkansas since 1990, 20 had clemency requests rejected and the others didn apply. In 1999, against the parole board recommendation, then Gov. Mike Huckabee reduced Bobby Fretwell sentence to life without parole after a juror said he went along with Fretwell condemnation because he didn want to be ostracized in his small town.. My… Read more →

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For me, these interests come together in the Caltech Archives. The history of science and technology is the content of most of our collections, but there are also all of these interesting questions about media involved. We increasingly getting collections in the form of email rather than handwritten or typed letters, for example, and preserving digital materials is inherently different… Read more →

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3 D perspective of the Venusian volcano, Maat Mons generated from radar data from NASA’s Magellan mission. Credit: NASA/JPLThis same mission observed transient localized infrared hot spots on the surface of Venus in 2008 and 2009, specifically in the rift zone Ganis Chasma near the shield volcano Maat Mons. “cold volcanoes”). To reduce the quantity of ankle scar tissue formed,… Read more →