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Conventional test methods for evaluating moisture damage include tests conducted on loose bitumen coated aggregates and those conducted on compacted asphalt mixtures. This paper looks at results from the rolling bottle and the saturated ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) tests in an attempt to better understand the underlying processes and mechanisms of moisture damage with the help of surface energy measurements… Read more →

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Azithromycin and erythromycin showed the greatest effect in subjects with COPD, with evidence suggesting improvement in exacerbation related outcomes and health status, as measured by the St George Respiratory Questionnaire. An increase in antibiotic resistance was reported in 2 studies. The macrolide class of antibiotics exhibited convincing anti inflammatory properties with relevance to COPD, implicating several pathways as potential mechanisms… Read more →

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Says projectiles launched with such force have the potential to cause serious injuries. Impact hazard may be present; (protective equipment (for head, elbows, knees, hands, etc) should be worn (not included), and other warnings/cautions on package insert, packaging and product. HAZARD: POTENTIAL FOR IMPACT INJURIES! Children as young as 4 years old are encouraged to into your bumper suit for… Read more →

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Flagellar type III secretion systems (T3SS) contain an essential cytoplasmic ring (C ring) largely composed of two proteins FliM and FliN, whereas an analogous substructure for the closely related non flagellar (NF) T3SS has not been observed in situ. We show that the spa33 gene encoding the putative NF T3SS C ring component in Shigella flexneri is alternatively translated to… Read more →

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By comparison to other states and the federal workforce, appears more equitable across gender and racial ethnic categories from a broad view, according to the report. Said, the state has more work to do in addressing some of the distressing representation problems that are consistent with problems that exist across the country. State workers in Connecticut are segregated to occupations… Read more →

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