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22 October 2012, their debut album was re released as Welcome Reality +. It features two extra tracks, “Won’t You (Be There)” and “Etude”, along with the Skrillex Nero remix of “Promises”. An EP of “Won’t You (Be There)” was released on the same day, featuring the original alongside “Etude” and remixes from Baauer and Club Cheval. Experimental results show… Read more →

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Conventional test methods for evaluating moisture damage include tests conducted on loose bitumen coated aggregates and those conducted on compacted asphalt mixtures. This paper looks at results from the rolling bottle and the saturated ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) tests in an attempt to better understand the underlying processes and mechanisms of moisture damage with the help of surface energy measurements… Read more →

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Azithromycin and erythromycin showed the greatest effect in subjects with COPD, with evidence suggesting improvement in exacerbation related outcomes and health status, as measured by the St George Respiratory Questionnaire. An increase in antibiotic resistance was reported in 2 studies. The macrolide class of antibiotics exhibited convincing anti inflammatory properties with relevance to COPD, implicating several pathways as potential mechanisms… Read more →