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“It will give opportunities to explore destinations that otherwise they would struggle to get to with double, triple stops.” Seating 42 in business class and 316 in economy, the large belly of the Boeing B777 aircraft would also allow for more freight and export opportunities out of the ACT, Mr Radwanksi said. Passengers on board Monday inaugural flight included Qatar… Read more →

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Until the 1980s, most film and literary critics were reluctant to take up film adaptation. Film studies and adaptation were too non literary for most English departments, and adaptation studies too literary for film departments, so that, while Bluestone, Richardson, and Corrigan began to historicize and theorize film adaptation beginning in the ’50s, few joined the party. Those that did… Read more →

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Sporopollenin, which forms the outer wall of pollen and spores, contains a chemical signature of ultraviolet B flux via concentrations of UV B absorbing compounds (UACs), providing a proxy for reconstructing UV irradiance through time. Although Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy provides an efficient means of measuring UAC concentrations, nitrogen containing compounds have the potential to bias the aromatic and… Read more →

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That surely doesn’t portray our politicians in a good light. We ban certain drugs because they can become addictive but we turn a blind eye to the gambling industries which can also cause huge damage because some people become addicted to them. What is the difference? Sure the registered clubs will say they provide services to the general population and… Read more →

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Stan LaurelBorn in 1890 to a theatrical father, Arthur Stanley Jefferson grew up in Ulverston in Lancashire. After leaving school he did odd jobs around the theatres and music halls until he landed a part in a play and his talent became immediately obvious. He spent many years as an understudy to Charlie Chaplin and they arrived together in America… Read more →

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Best, DACA is legally questionable, Solicitor General Noel Franciscotold the justices in briefs last summer. Worst, it is illegal. The briefs, Francisco argued that the decision to terminate the program was reasonable because the Department of Homeland Security had doubts about its legality. Instead of Embree turning his back on this young man he decided to bring him to a… Read more →

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This is good news for you as a consumer, because now you can acquire these items at a fraction of the price they might have cost as pharmaceuticals. It’s really the same exact substance. Whether it’s sold as a drug or as a nutritional supplement, it’s still astaxanthin, and you’re still getting a tremendous health benefit from taking it. One… Read more →

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