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Artist’s impression of the early Solar System, where collision between particles in an accretion disc led to the formation of planetesimals and eventually planets. Credit: NASA/JPL CaltechWithin 50 million years, the pressure and density of hydrogen in the center of the protostar became great enough for it to begin thermonuclear fusion. The temperature, reaction rate, pressure, and density increased until… Read more →

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After that time, the comet will recede and fade. Credit: JPL HorizonsIts sunward journeyhas been nothing short of legendary, requiring several million years of inbound travel from the frigid fringe to the relative warmth of the inner Solar System. Catalina will pass closest to Earth on Jan. But I was always an ordinary man, not one who liked being at… Read more →

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The pH and environmentally sensitive metal residuals in the algal solution were not significantly affected by the adding of optimized dosage of CAFL chitosan. The study provides a possible way for HABs control using the cheap material of CFA. Further studies are needed to check the potential influence of leachable metals and persistent organic pollutants (pops) in CFA under a… Read more →

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Above all, though, he wanted to follow in his father’s artistic footsteps and he soon gave up on architecture and began to paint prolifically. Living in a garret room in the same building as his parents’ Paris flat, he stopped attending his art classes, concentrating instead on his own works and copying many great paintings from the Louvre. It is… Read more →

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In other words, the president is right that rates will change “significantly,” just not in the direction he has promised since he began talking about health care reform. As a presidential candidate, he said his reform would lower premiums for families by $2,500 on average. He maintained that the only change for people already with insurance would be cheaper premiums.… Read more →