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Hi Tek, “Hi Teknology Vol. 2: The Chip,” Babygrande. 68. This study aims to investigate the contributions of online promotional marketing and online reviews as predictors of consumer product demands. The completed Web crawling and scraping data sets were then preprocessed for Neural Network analysis. Our results showed that variables from both online reviews and promotional marketing strategies are important… Read more →

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The presence of a few kernels with sprouting problems in a batch of wheat can result in enzymatic activity sufficient to compromise flour functionality and bread quality. This is commonly assessed using the Hagberg Falling Number (HFN) method, which is a batch analysis. Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) can provide analysis at the single grain level with potential for improved performance. Will… Read more →

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The original instantiation of a data informed FM is the agreement FM, which assigns high confidence to combinations of sources that numerically agree with one another. This paper extends upon our previous work in datainformed FMs by proposing the uniqueness measure and additive measure of agreement for interval valued evidence. We then extend data informed FMs to fuzzy number (FN)… Read more →

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We applied a conventional selective mutation approach to a C codebase supplied by a nuclear industry partner and measured the mutation score achieved by the existing test suite. We repeated the experiment using trivial compiler equivalence (TCE) to assess the benefit that it might provide. Using a conventional approach, it first appeared that the existing test suite only killed 82%… Read more →

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