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Participants (n=50) will be randomised into one of two groups. The PRCI intervention group will receive the PRCI card and weekly questionnaires to assess their psychological well being during the waiting period of their new pregnancy. The non intervention group will be asked to complete the same weekly questionnaires. In effect, debates regarding entrepreneurial legitimacy are presented as gender neutral… Read more →

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Also, in the Brown case, critics noted that Ferguson officer Wilson was called to provide hours of testimony in his own defense. “For this and other reasons,” HuffPo reported, “critics accused prosecutors of abusing the grand jury process to achieve an outcome that would be favorable to law enforcement. It’s not yet clear what role, if any, Pantaleo played in… Read more →

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Item Type:Thesis (DClinPsy)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractObjectives: The cognitive model offers a useful framework to understand the emotional and behavioural consequences of voice hearing experience. Substance use can be viewed as a way of coping with these emotional and behavioural consequences. This research explores how substance use as a coping strategy may affect voice hearers beliefs about their relationships with the voices,… Read more →

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In honor of Coward being named this week’s Community MVP, the NFLPA will make a $10,000 contribution to Athletes for Charity. Also, our supporting partner Pledge It has set up a crowdfunding campaign to benefit Athletes for Charity. Supporters can pledge contributions based on every offensive touchdown scored by Coward and the Bears this season, or they can make a… Read more →

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Citizens should unite and make their voices heard. Some are already doing so not for overturning Citizens United, per se, but rather marijuana. Of patients who rely on medical marijuana, and their supporters, [held] rallies [on Sept. Designer sunglasses also feature lenses in assorted colors, while most cheaper sunglasses do not. Darker lenses are fine for normal day to day… Read more →

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These are undoubtedly testing times for the faithful in the US and across Europe. However, they can neither afford to give up their hopes and aspirations nor give in. They must resist by building alliances with other communities and responding to hate with love. The majority of the components with increased tensile properties were manufactured with powder fractions that showed… Read more →