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Apparently, no one really considers that these “small” indiscretions of the body, and “small” amounts of toxic chemicals consistently added to most every body on the planet, actually add up inside the body. After a certain number of years, they are no longer in small amounts in the body, and they do become enough to do the disease creation trick.… Read more →

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One alternative to tubal abortion or rupture is the vanishingly rare phenomenon of abdominal pregnancy. In this case, the ovum remains connected to the wall of the Fallopian tube and later attaches itself to the organs surrounding the uterus. A small number of abdominal pregnancies actually survive to reach full term, and a smaller number still die midway through growth… Read more →

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August 30, 2016. The maximum sentence for Fletcher’s charge is three years in prison and a $250,000 fine with one year of special release and $100 special assessment. Government, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and engaging in a monetary transaction to criminally derive property. “When we analyzed what came out of the capsule, we found a significant amount of the… Read more →

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The Atlanta Falcons also dropped him. After serving 20 months of a federal prison sentence, Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 and became the starting quarterback in 2010. Vick also became an activist against animal fighting, backing a bill in 2011 that would criminalize spectators and others who organize the fighting.5 of 12Photos: Photos: Sports redemptionsSports redemptions Signed by… Read more →

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Yamamoto, Kawakubo and Miyake redefined the concepts of deconstruction and minimalism that were used in fashion design worldwide by pioneering monochromatic, androgynous, asymmetrical, and baggy looks. Additionally, the designs were unisex which were inspired by the design of traditional Japanese kimonos. According to Sun, “Traditional Japanese kimonos don’t have strict rules for menswear or women’s wear, therefore, for the basic… Read more →

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