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Company, which claims to only use USDA approved beef for their food, also commented that they had thought like this seemed impossible. Evanger has also a 40 year relationship with their beef supplier which also supplies to other pet food companies.The source of contamination is still not yet known, but the company says that they will continue to investigate. It… Read more →

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That a sharp reduction from the 25 percent state funding Charlotte received for its popular light rail system, and it creates an arbitrary and steep challenge for Orange and Durham. Those counties passed a half cent local sales tax on the expectation that the state would provide the Orange Durham Light Rail Transit Project at least the percentage of funding… Read more →

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Boosting immune system functionThis immune system / cancer link explains why spirulina effectively prevents cancer. Spirulina is best known as an immune booster, and this property has medicinal implications far beyond cancer prevention. In A Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies, Mark Stengler, ND, writes, “Spirulina stimulates natural killer cells and similar anti immune components of the immune system that can help… Read more →

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There are still some great journalists out thereNow, I don’t mean to lump all journalists and newspapers together under the criticism I’m offering here. I know there are some great people out there who are actually doing investigative journalism and writing intelligent stories, like Declan McCullough at Wired Magazine. He’s a real thinker who can get to the story behind… Read more →

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