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Similar chemical compositions of PM2.5 were observed at background sites but were associated with higher fractions of OM (33.2%) and lower fractions of NO3′ (8.6%) and EC (4.1%). Significant variations of the chemical species were observed among the sites. At the urban sites, the OM ranged from 12.6gm’3 (Lhasa) to 23.3gm’3 (Shenyang), the SO42′ ranged from 0.8gm’3 (Lhasa) to 19.7gm’3… Read more →

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And Galli, S. And Ganga, K. And Giard, M. Faecalis strains were from two sequence types (ST191 and ST211) and encoded for a number of traits related to biofilm formation (BopD), adherence (Epb pili), virulence (cps loci, gelatinase, SprE) and antibiotic resistances (IsaA, tetM). The E. Hormaechei were all ST106, and encoded for blaACT 15 lactamase and fosfomycin resistance (fosA).… Read more →

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This treatise deals with transistor clamped five level inverter Using Non Inverting Double Reference Single Carrier PWM (NIDRSC PWM) Technique. Conventional or two level inverter have drawbacks like i) Requirement of fast switching devices ii) Very high dv/dt iii) High Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) iv) Bulky filters v) Faster heating of switches and vi) Not suitable for high voltage applications. Multilevel… Read more →