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We have yet to see the true potential of religious freedom in China.Religion in China has seen various controversies throughout its history. The Cultural Revolution brought about devastation to various religious practices like no other period. However, with Deng Xiaoping’s succession as CCP’s chairman, the reform period has seen various improvements in numerous areas such as religious freedom. With a… Read more →

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As such, the material culture focus (and related cognitive implications for the respective hominins) shall lie primarily with the Lower Palaeolithic, specifically the Acheulean, although there shall be discussions within the model that relate to the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. The focus on the Lower Palaeolithic is to try and shed some still much needed light on when material culture… Read more →

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At present, Chrysler officials believe Fiat is indeed serious about the deal. Fiat executives came through Chrysler’s design studios in Auburn Hills in mid December to look at Chrysler’s latest designs and future products, says Chrysler vice president Ralph Gilles, who believes they left with a better understanding of where the company is headed from a design perspective and of… Read more →

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J. Turner, N., 1 Oct 2017Article in Nature ChemistryPublication detailsJournalMicrobial BiotechnologyDateAccepted/In press 16 Nov 2018DateE pub ahead of print (current) 27 Dec 2018Number of pages15Early online date27/12/18Original languageEnglishAbstractOne of the major challenges in chemical synthesis is the selective oxyfunctionalization of non activated C H bonds, which can be enabled by biocatalysis using cytochrome P450 monooxygenases. In this study, we report… Read more →

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Including debromination of sea salt increases BrO slightly throughout the free troposphere, but in the tropical marine boundary layer, where the sea salt particles are plentiful and relatively acidic, debromination leads to overestimation of the observed BrO. However, it should be noted that the modelled BrO was extremely sensitive to the inclusion of reactions between Br and the oxygenated VOCs… Read more →

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The ubiquitin “proteasome system (UPS) and macroautophagy (autophagy) are central to normal proteostasis and interdependent in that autophagy is known to compensate for the UPS to alleviate ensuing proteotoxic stress that impairs cell function. UPS and autophagy dysfunctions are believed to have a major role in the pathomechanisms of neurodegenerative disease. Here we show that continued 26S proteasome dysfunction in… Read more →

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