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Though symptoms such as narrow interests, social difficulties and odd behaviour still feature, the syndrome does not affect the individual’s language skills or intelligence. The condition persists into adulthood, and individuals are often clumsy and have obsessive or socially isolating patterns of behaviour.Rett’s Syndrome seen exclusively in girls, Rett’s is a rare disorder that begins around six months into the… Read more →

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Conseiller municipal du district de La Pointe aux Prairies, dans Rivire des Prairies Pointe aux Trembles, M. Montmorency demande qu’on dbaptise la rue Amherst car l’officier de l’arme britannique Jeffery Amherst est indigne, selon lui, d’un tel honneur. Il y a belle lurette que des francophones demandent qu’on dbaptise la rue Amherst. But this energy is a finite resource. Once… Read more →

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The film Weekend ‘ovalises’ intimacy and locates the couple formally and ideologically. The couple in Weekend’s space of sociality operates within a monogamous optic that presents intimacy through stabilising identities and psychologising subject positions. Theo and Hugo, however, reorients spectatorship as impersonal and promiscuous in finding a way to express the experience of cruising and sociability in ways that are… Read more →

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His views were widely published, and soldiers applying for pensions found themselves fighting a petty bureaucracy that took no account of individual merits. The result was that only 120,000 pensions were handed out relatively few considering the number of soldiers disabled by the war. The government’s official line continued to be that shell shock was at best an excuse rather… Read more →

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The paper represents an empirical application of this approach.Practical implications ” Organizations including the Chartered Institute of Marketing and American Marketing Association have attempted to counteract marketing TMs image problem by redefining what marketing means. The results of this study suggest that such attempts are unlikely to work as the practice of marketing, in particular PR, cultivates a negative image… Read more →

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Four problematic items were removed and exploratory factor analysis identified a two factor (attentional and social) solution. The original three factor structure of the HQ was not confirmed. All fourteen items do not accurately assess hypersensitivity to sound in a tinnitus population. The AMPAS voting body is 92 per cent white, according to a 2012 analysis of who doing the… Read more →

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