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The pre entrainment sedimentary type such as lacustrine material or palaeosols). Basal ice from Joyce Glacier (Antarctica) was unique in that 98% of the LMW DOC was derived from the extremely diverse free amino acid (FAA) pool, comprising 14 FAAs. LMW DOC concentrations in basal ice were dependent on the bioavailability of the overridden organic carbon (OC), which in turn… Read more →

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The mathematical model of the machine and the theoretical investigation of the force production principle are provided. A novel force control methodology based on the minimization of the copper losses is described and adopted to calculate the d “q axis current references. The predicted performances of the considered machine are benchmarked against finite element analysis. Patrick Huyghe: are dealing with… Read more →

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Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/APBoris Johnson will be represented by an empty podium in a television debate on Sunday night as his five remaining rivals to be Britain’s next prime minister fight it out for a place alongside him in the ballot of Conservative members.But under growing pressure to submit to greater public scrutiny after Jeremy Hunt accused him of “hiding away”,… Read more →

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The SMS 620 Camaro accelerates from 0 to 60 in under 4.3 seconds, while the SMS 620X Camaro manages the same in closer to 4.0. In addition to engine output, handling, road holding and braking improvements, the 620X will feature options such as Magneto Rheological Semi Active Dampers and Torvec Isotorque Differential and 21″ rear wheels. Both will offer new… Read more →

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“The El Paso County Officer of the Medical Examiner’s office which conducted Jakelin’s autopsy has made no public statement regarding her cause of death,” the lawyers said in their statement. “In fact, neither the medical examiner nor Providence Children’s Hospital have released records to Jakelin’s father. We would ask that the media and federal agencies cease further speculation about her… Read more →

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Raindrops keep falling on the lens, as inaugural SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon disappears into the low hanging rain clouds at NASA Kennedy Space Center after liftoff from pad 39A on Feb. 19, 2017. Dragon CRS 10 resupply mission is delivering over 5000 pounds of science and supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA.. It gives support to the tendons… Read more →

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Customisation that was expensive to mass produce in previous decades is now much more affordable. Social media and Tshirts have interacted in other interesting ways. Jason Sadler started the “I Wear Your Shirt” project where companies pay him by the day for him to wear a tee advertising their products and post an image of himself on YouTube, Twitter, and… Read more →

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Now there’s a fiber product available from the Amazon Herb Company called Fiberzon. Fiberzon is based on psyllium husk, but it adds a potent assortment of other detoxifying herbs that makes it a much better product than psyllium husk alone. And I have now switched over to the Fiberzon product instead of straight psyllium husk fiber.. A brilliant physicist published… Read more →

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The change of superoxide dismutase activity and malondialdehyde content in algae indicated that TiO2/Ag could impose oxidative stress and cause lipid peroxidation in algae cells. During the course of irradiation, algae released substances could act as scavenger for holes, thus inhibited the recombination of hole/electron and enhanced the photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) by electrons on TiO2 surface. Algae was simultaneously… Read more →

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