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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractElectricity fuels our existence. It powers water purification, waste, food, transportation and communication systems. Modern social life is impossible to imagine without it. An Open Letter to Would Be GOP Presidents: Are You Sure You Want The Job? Walter Shapiro satirical column doesn deny the possibility that 2012 will see a Republican president actually suggests that it… Read more →

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Highly hydrophobic thermosetting polyurethane (TSU) surfaces with micro nano hierarchical structures were developed by a simple process combined with sandpaper templates and nano silica embellishment. Sandpapers with grit sizes varying from 240 to 7000 grit were used to obtain micro scale roughness on an intrinsic hydrophilic TSU surface. The surface wettability was investigated by contact angle measurement. Results: In response… Read more →

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced they were considering banishing trans fat from processed foods, we were thrilled but kept pretty quiet so as to not jinx it. Yesterday, though, the FDA announced they are officially moving forward with the plan to clean up the supermarket shelves. Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the primary source of trans fat in processed foods,… Read more →

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Adverse temporal trends in human semen quality and cryptorchidism in infants have been associated with exposure to environmental chemicals (ECs) during development. Here we report that a population of breeding dogs exhibit a 26 year (1988 “2014) decline in sperm quality and a concurrent increased incidence of cryptorchidism in male offspring (1995 “2014). A decline in the number of males… Read more →

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Il s’agissait d’un programme un peu terne. Il y manquait une oeuvre vraiment sduisante; il y manquait surtout un authentique chef d’oeuvre. Cette erreur de programmation, le Trio Reiner l’a amplement rpare par une ralisation du plus haut niveau. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) recycling and the reutilisation of the recovered carbon fibre (rCF) 2 can compensate for the high… Read more →

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Selective laser melting (SLM) is an attractive technology, enabling the manufacture of customised, complex metallic designs, with minimal wastage. However, uptake by industry is currently impeded by several technical barriers, such as the control of residual stress, which have a detrimental effect on the manufacturability and integrity of a component. Indirectly, these impose severe design restrictions and reduce the reliability… Read more →

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In theory, liberalisation of capital movements is something positive as it allows for a more efficient capital allocation. My speculation for the association of capital liberalisation and financial crises is as follows. Initially capital flows to those countries where it can obtain the best returns; however, when the best investment opportunities end, the flow of capital persists. Willis pitched nine… Read more →

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