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Transient temperature distribution is crucial for combustion study, especially for heat and mass transfer, physical and chemical action of overflow combustion. It is very difficult to get the transient temperature distribution. According to the excited property, intensity ratio method was used. The calibration was conducted by measuring the surface temperature of solid objects in a test cell. The Dy:YAG phosphor… Read more →

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You won’t find them. Because you have changed the whole interaction between the infectious agent. And the immune system. You can just try and understand me, like if you switch you and I.”King mostly looked straight ahead, certainly not at Efimova, and expressionless. The 19 year old University of Indiana student ran her hand through her long brown hair.The second… Read more →

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Experimental results show that an algorithm enhanced with PCA projection performs better than its corresponding opponent without this operator. Furthermore, HECO PDE is ranked first on all dimensions according to the competition rules. This study reveals that decomposition based MOEAs, such as HECO PDE, are competitive with best single objective and multiobjective evolutionary algorithms for constrained optimization, but MOEAs based… Read more →