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Experimental results show that an algorithm enhanced with PCA projection performs better than its corresponding opponent without this operator. Furthermore, HECO PDE is ranked first on all dimensions according to the competition rules. This study reveals that decomposition based MOEAs, such as HECO PDE, are competitive with best single objective and multiobjective evolutionary algorithms for constrained optimization, but MOEAs based… Read more →

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This becomes more important when considering the use of shales for CO2 sequestration purposes, where CO2 adsorption induced swelling can play an important role. These phenomena lead to changes in the stress state within the rock mass, which then influence the permeability of the reservoir. Thus, rigorous simulation of material failure within coupled hydro mechanical analyses is needed to achieve… Read more →

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Rapid expansion of the offshore wind industry has stimulated a renewed interest in the behaviour of offshore piles. There is widespread acceptance in practice that pile design methods developed for the offshore oil and gas industry may not be appropriate for designing wind turbine foundations. To date, the majority of offshore wind turbines are supported by large diameter monopiles. If… Read more →

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