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A: This year’s budget was carefully negotiated to include investment in some of Lewiston’s most needed infrastructure, while not busting the budget. I like the fact that advocating and slating Clearwater and Constance Avenues for earlier than scheduled paving next year and working to get the best product possible for the first fire station replacement were accomplished. On the flip… Read more →

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In the meantime, the others, especially Dave, were living the high life. Drink, drugs, women, men: a teenage Dave experimented and indulged in them all. This contrast between the brothers would become more prominent during the decade, Ray pushing a pram around the streets of Muswell Hill while Dave partied through the nights.. Why would any Republican give money to… Read more →

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Whether you are involved in shape cutting, metal fabrication, or metal working, a heavy duty, a fully unitized plasma cutter is your best choice. It will enable you to cut with maximum efficiency. Plasma cutting machines must be able to hold their advertised tolerances today and, more importantly, for many years to come. In separate control experiments animals received footshocks… Read more →

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Polymeric microparticles with an average diameter of 76 1.7 m were produced by using a T junction microfluidic system to form monomer droplets which were subsequently photopolymerized. Acrylate based monomer solutions were found to require 2 wt% PVA to stabilize droplet formation. ToF SIMS was employed to assess the surface chemistry revealing the presence of PVA in a discontinuous layer… Read more →

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Both measurements and model simulations indicate that annual net accumulation, averaged over all higher elevation regions (above 2000 m) of the southern ice sheet, varies significantly from one year to the next. The maximum year to year change during the 24 year study period occurred between calendar years 1995 and 1996, when the average annual net snow accumulation increased by… Read more →

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The planet Venus is often referred to as Earth’s “Sister Planet”, and rightly so. In addition to being almost the same size, Venus and Earth are similar in mass and have very similar compositions (both being terrestrial planets). As a neighboring planet to Earth, Venus also orbits the Sun within its “Goldilocks Zone” (aka. Quarles and his colleagues performed extensive… Read more →

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