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The planet Venus is often referred to as Earth’s “Sister Planet”, and rightly so. In addition to being almost the same size, Venus and Earth are similar in mass and have very similar compositions (both being terrestrial planets). As a neighboring planet to Earth, Venus also orbits the Sun within its “Goldilocks Zone” (aka. Quarles and his colleagues performed extensive… Read more →

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Another element of the general environment is the economy. Various aspects of the economy are likely to affect the proposed business including economic growth, the unemployment rate, interest rates, and inflation (Lesca, 2013). A high economic growth, low unemployment rate, low interest and inflation rates will favor the business by increasing the purchasing power of the targeted consumers. The Super… Read more →

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After this week, prospects for the course of interest rates will become more uncertain. Investors hope to glean some clues from the Fed’s latest policy statement, along with an updated economic outlook and a news conference by Chairman Jerome Powell. Many analysts think the Fed will signal that it’s considering whether to slow or suspend its rate hikes in 2019… Read more →

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The installation of the Information Technology be accompanied by significant changes to existing ways of working (Proctor, 2001). Is turn will have an impact on the way training and education for health care staff will structured and delivered. Improvement requires change. Tax and budget reform aren simple, but just like protecting kids it worth the effort. Community/school programs can only… Read more →

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Researching cadmium poisoning, known as “It Hurts, It Hurts Disease” in Japan, taught him that the disease affected a disproportionate number of women, Walker said. Investigating further revealed a number of contributing factors, including Japanese notions of beauty. Since women preferred white skin to darker skin, because of class connotations and the relationship between whiteness and religious purity, they shielded… Read more →

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In this study, a new in planta infection system was developed to detect early symptoms of BSR in young oil palm. One month old clones of oil palm plantlets were artificially infected with pathogenic fungal inoculum (G. Boninense GBLS isolate) at three levels of treatments (control, T1; wounded but not infected, T2; wounded and infected, T3) for a period of… Read more →