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First ever image of Earth Taken by Mars Color Camera aboard India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft while orbiting Earth and before the Trans Mars Insertion firing on Dec. 1, 2013. Image is focused on the Indian subcontinent. The aim of this research is to investigate the application of several different ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms to the problem of… Read more →

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The widespread Early Permian collapse of ice sheets corresponds with rising temperatures due to an increase of CO2 concentrations. Throughout this time, pCO2 represent the primary control over the high latitude glaciation and low latitude climate changes. Pangaean (northern supercontinent) climate responded to Gondwanan deglaciation evidenced by the paleoequatorial transition from humid to arid conditions beginning in the Late Pennsylvanian… Read more →

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By oppositional nature, aging is held to be a negative process that no one wishes to endure. Therefore, those who can slow down their “decline” are seen as possessing more cultural value. “Youthfulness, or what might be labeled youngness a nostalgic and fantasized state of looking and feeling young without having any of the cares and concerns that youth actually… Read more →

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Regionally speaking, the Iranian regime relied on the use of hard power rather than diplomacy and soft power. The regime expanded its influence in the region through several platforms including the IRGC and its elite branch, the Quds Force, which operates in foreign territories, as well as through funding, arming and supporting various militias and terrorist designated groups. In Yemen,… Read more →

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Hymns include the Salve Regina, Hail Mary, Our Father, Magnificat, and more.”Wright cites Claudio Monteverdi’s thrilling Vespers of 1610 as his primary inspiration in this work. Monteverdi was peerless in both his church pieces and his popular numbers. He let these notions cross pollinate at times,” said Jack Walton of the South Bend Tribune.. 133, 4, p. 132, 22, p.… Read more →

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