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Two of the most effective study techniques available to all learners are retrieval practice (taking practice tests instead of rereading material) and distributed practice (scheduling study sessions over time instead of in a single longer session). Most studies examining retrieval practice have administered immediate tests. The current study examined the benefits of massed versus spaced testing. Strategies for the Construction… Read more →

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In addition, the kinematic performance and the repeatability of the simulators have been investigated and compared to the international standard requirements. The wear rates from the electromechanical and pneumatic knee simulators were not significantly different, with wear rates of 2.60.9 and 2.70.9mm3/million cycles (MC; mean95% confidence interval, p=0.99) and 5.41.4 and 6.71.5mm3/MC (mean95confidence interval, p=0.54) from the electromechanical and pneumatic… Read more →

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Interspecific brood parasitism occurs in several independent lineages of birds and social insects, putatively evolving from intraspecific brood parasitism. The cuckoo catfish, Synodontis multipunctatus, the only known obligatory non avian brood parasite, exploits mouthbrooding cichlid fishes in Lake Tanganyika, despite the absence of parental care in its evolutionary lineage (family Mochokidae). Cuckoo catfish participate in host spawning events, with their… Read more →

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Miami goes into this game without its top three defensive backs, assuming Byron Maxwell sits out with an ankle injury. That’s not ideal considering the Steelers’ arsenal of receiving threats. The Dolphins need someone to show up with an excellent day in coverage, perhaps Tony Lippett or Xavien Howard, if they’re going to reasonably contain the Pittsburgh offense.. Even more… Read more →

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All the participants completed the AIS, ISI, Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), General Health Questionnaire 12 (GHQ 12), Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Additionally, 433 participants wore an Actigraph device for two continuous weekdays. Classical test theory and Rasch analysis both supported the construct validity for AIS (factor loadings… Read more →

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“Small business concern” means a concern, including its affiliates, that is independently owned and operated, not dominant in the field of operation in which it is bidding on Government contracts, and qualified as a small business under the criteria in 13 CFR Part 121 and size standards in this solicitation. “Small disadvantaged business concern”, consistent with 13 CFR 124.1002, means… Read more →

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For sixth graders, such procedural understanding is a good start into what fractional division is. For fractions such as [latex] frac{5}{6} div frac{3}{4}[/latex], the explanation for the invert and multiply rule is easier to convey and understand once the student has the algebraic tools by which to do so. Until that time, however, some teachers explain that the reason “invert… Read more →

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