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(b) Specific duties performed that fully detail the level and complexity of the work. (c) Names and contact information (phone and email) of your current and/or previous supervisor(s). (d) Education and any other qualifications including job related training courses, job related skills, or job related honors, awards or accomplishments. Ogilvie, D. J., 13 Dec 2018Article in JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRYInsulin… Read more →

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“On June 28, 1992, Justice Kennedy cast the decisive vote in Casey v. Planned Parenthood to continue Roe v. Wade’s ‘Constitutional right to abortion’ by transferring this ‘right’ to the 14th Amendment’s Right to Liberty. (Very minimal since we use app volumes). Once that is all done I have a closing script that removes SCCM and preps the image to… Read more →

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He is the right person to lead the City through its next chapter,” Beck said in an email.Mermell has worked for the City of Pasadena since 1989. He began his career as an administrative analyst at Pasadena Water and Power. In the Finance Department, he served as Purchasing Administrator, Budget Administrator and Deputy Director of Finance before being promoted to… Read more →

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The information contained in qubits (quantum bits), which are analogues of classical bits, can be represented in a matrix form, namely a density matrix. It has been found that a density matrix is positive semi definite and of trace 1. The operators acting on density matrices need to preserve the trace and positivity so that the resulting output after processing… Read more →

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Bee pollen and bee propolis are two other superfoods to consider for protection against radiation. Dr. Joseph Mercola states that bee pollen is a 40% highly assimilable protein and is “one of Nature’s most completely nourishing foods.” Bee pollen has a surprising number of positive benefits and applications. Little research has focused on the emotions felt during pregnancy and early… Read more →

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We describe the SET as an open quantum system, and use this model to develop Born Markov master equation descriptions of the dynamics close to three resonant transport processes: the Josephson quasiparticle resonance, the double Josephson quasiparticle resonance and the Cooper pair resonances. We use these models to examine the noise properties of both the charge on the SET island… Read more →