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During a 2012 religious group protest he was live tweeting from outside an abortion clinic. Included in his tweets were the doctor’s name, and apparent quote from a nurse claiming financial motives for the services offered there. In a statement to E! News, Fischetti denied harassing any women outside the clinic, but adamantly stood by his views and said he… Read more →

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Enablers included smartphone competency (capability), personalisation of app (opportunity), and identifying perceived need (motivation). Barriers included a physical and cognitive inability to use smartphone (capability), potential cost and reliability of technology (opportunity), and no desire to use technology or change from existing strategies (motivation). Monitoring activity levels. For some reason, dentists have decided that they now have medical degrees, and… Read more →

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However, no relationship could be detected between gastrointestinal disease and browse provision in these species. No nutrient deficiencies were identified, but the Arabian tahr diet exceeded the recommended amount of crude protein, and both gazelle diets provided excess iron, manganese, copper and zinc. These mineral excesses are the subject of on going investigations in order to better balance the diets… Read more →

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The formula contains schisandra, zizyphus, cistanche, and juglans, used to enhance energy; tang kuei and lycium, which nourish blood; acornus, to improve circulation; arisaema, to resolve phlegm; and gastrodia and succinum to calm anxiety, seizures, forgetfulness, and insomnia. In addition, the formula contains “dragon tooth,” a calcium source, along with biota seed and polygala root acting as nourishing sedatives. It… Read more →