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The production of natural biopolymers as flocculants for water treatment is highly desirable due to their inherent low toxicity and low environmental footprint. In this study, bio flocculants were extracted from Hibiscus/Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) by using a water extraction method, and the extract yield and its performance in sludge dewatering were evaluated. Single factor experimental design was employed to obtain… Read more →

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The mean F intake was 213g per day. Women with higher education, higher economic status and better knowledge scores ate significantly larger amounts of F than others. Processed food consumption was inversely associated with vegetable intakes. Members of the genus Campylobacter are frequently responsible for human enteric disease, often through consumption of contaminated poultry products. Bacteriophages are viruses that have… Read more →

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The popularity of the Gibson Girl’s image lasted into the beginning of the 20th century but faded not long after the start of World War I. Fashions changed, and the flapper girl came into vogue. The Gibson Girl’s impossibly thin yet voluptuous figure was hardly attainable for the average woman. Said Szameit, “I am a supporting member of the chamber… Read more →

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First, since the 1980s, the housing stock condition has been used as a political pawn in successive reforms to demunicipalize social housing. Third, the retrofit practices of social landlords are only superficially aiming for carbon control, instead they focus on the social aims that are seen as important to the ethos and business model of the landlord. The paper concludes… Read more →

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We investigate a new product development project at an electronics company, STE, and describe how big data is used to connect to, interact with and involve customers in new product development in practice. Our findings reveal that big data can offer customer involvement so as to provide valuable input for developing new products. In this paper, we introduce a customer… Read more →

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