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Ray Ban W-2

The pipe (modified from spacesuit parts) is supposed to be a backup if a helmet fills with water, as what occurred during a July 2013 spacewalk. Credit: NASA (YouTube/screenshot)So what are some key parts of the spacewalks to look for? Wheelock identified a few spots. He will read up the step, the astronaut will verify it and will do the… Read more →

Maui Jim Vs Ray Ban

A “dirty” bomb spreads radiation with the blast of a conventional explosive. It is built with radioactive material such as the contents of the 10 lead containers concealed in a truck full of scrap metal that passed through these same gates in March 2000 from Kazakhstan. The haul was discovered by Uzbek customs officials with portable radiation “pagers” provided by… Read more →

Ray Ban 3447V

Wright responded on April 18, 2013: will anger me so much if he tries to get some back. We just unleash Tkachuk (Conservative Sen. David Tkachuk, then chair of the Senate internal economy committee) who will call him a thief. Please remember to post your answer as a comment by clicking on “no comments /comments” in the upper right hand… Read more →

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Our understanding was that the two black holes orbited each other for a long time. As they did so, their massive gravitywould have cleared the area around them of matter. By they time they finished circling each other and merged, they would have been isolated in space. DONT COMPARE YOUR BLOOPERS TO SOMEONE ELSES HIGHLIGHT REEL I’ve said it before,… Read more →

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