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We found differentiation only between the eastern and western Mediterranean, consistent with earlier studies, and here useapproximate Bayesian computations to explore different scenarios to explain the observed pattern. Our results suggest that a recent population bottleneck likely contributed significantly to the differentiation of the Eastern Mediterranean population (in Greek waters). This interpretation is consistent with independent census data that suggest… Read more →

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Aspartame has to be one of (if not) the most toxic food items in existence today. The brand names for aspartame include, Nutrasweet, Equal and Spoonful. Did you know that Aspartame makes up over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA? Food reactions can be quite serious such as, seizures and death. It will… Read more →

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Those with knee CC + OA were excluded from this analysis to remove any local effects of CC. CC at distant joints did not associate with a distinct structural OA phenotype in other joints examined.Conclusion: These findings suggest that CC results form a systemic predisposition, and that it commonly occurs at other joints in the absence of knee involvement. Established… Read more →

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It is then argued that an important issue facing the Chinese companies involved in these take overs is one of brand equity and country of origin effects. This issue is of equal importance to China’s global competitors as well. A review of the literature shows that consumer perception constructs, such as perceived quality, have been well researched through numerous country… Read more →

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About ninety percent of Americans consume some form of caffeine daily. Most choose coffee or soda as their delivery system, and depend upon its effects to stay awake and alert when facing the workday. There are many positive effects that caffeine has upon the bodybuilder looking to lose body fat or train harder. Of course, there’s one other element to… Read more →

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The SYS and IMAGEN studies are large scale studies carried out with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in typically developing adolescents from Canada (12 to 18 years) and Europe (13 to 15 years), respectively. In these studies, the “sex hormone CC” relationship is explored by examining the association between the CC and: testosterone level, duration of sex hormone exposure (since menarche),… Read more →

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