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This might suggest, however, that he was already modifying his musical language to fit the state imposed doctrine of socialist realism the Pravda attacks could have just been an indication that this was the ‘right’ thing to do. Apart from the more optimistic ending which Shostakovich apparently said in Testimony was ‘forced rejoicing’ the Fifth Symphony is thought to be… Read more →

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Family and FriendsWhatever a person goes through in their lifetime, the diagnosis of cancer is one of the most devastating. Suddenly everything in their life changes, and the feeling of loss of control can be overwhelming. Some people withdraw into a shell. Mining has left a lasting legacy that continues today by the hosting of mine rescue competitions, the Miners… Read more →

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Numerous epidemiological methods are available for bacterial typing; however, few account for whole genome diversity or provide the opportunity for future application of new computational techniques. Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) measures nucleotide variations within several loci with slow accumulation of variation to enable the designation of allele numbers to determine a sequence type. The usage of whole genome sequence data… Read more →

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There a class for everyone. Pride ourselves on comprehensive lessons that enable most people to be riding plenty of waves, with correct technique, on their very first session. We strongly recommend our multi day programs for those who want to get serious, Jamo says.. We analyse the qualitative influence of turbulent dissipation in the stability problem (eddy viscosity) on the… Read more →

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