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A groundbreaking venture which fully engages individuals with Autism and related conditions in all aspects of production, while offering them a place that strives to enhance their well being, autonomy, and general quality of life. It was fitting then, that the night included an exclusive fashion show organized by THEORY Manhasset and models sponsored by the Americana. Guests experienced the… Read more →

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The Katz Group had pushed ahead with the open house because it wasn getting anywhere with city council. Councillors of the day were skeptical and not particularly supportive. There were so many moving parts the future of Rexall Place, costs, the funding model, costs, the land, costs, downtown revitalization, costs, closing the downtown airport it was risky, both for the… Read more →

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For the so called ‘laptop TV generation’ what pedagogy strategies are necessary for the education of illustrators and how might the future of the studio look? In modern life we are inundated by information and the proliferation of images, in a sense nothing new as Guy Debord explored in Society of the Spectacle 1967, but with the accelerated distribution of… Read more →

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Bernath, P. F., May 2009Article in JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY2007Fourier transform emission spectroscopy of some new bands of ReNRam, R. S., Bernath, P. You mentioned that Ray has been so successful, for the most part, in taking care of many problems. This was something he couldn’t fix. In last season’s finale, Abby told him they were untouchable, which we know… Read more →

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M., Bailey, A. (2008). The income requirements of marine protected areas. Moles that are asymmetrical are more likely to be cancerous.Border Benign moles have smooth, even borders. Watch out for moles that have scalloped or notches borders.Color Noncancerous moles are usually one color. Having a mole that has a variety of colors is a warning sign that something is wrong.Diameter… Read more →

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