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The Maine Yankee nuclear power plant, located in Wiscasset, Maine, was operational for nearly three decades, coming on line in 1972 and closing in 1996. Maine Yankee was once the states largest generator of electricity, but since its decommissioning in the in the late 1990s, the plant has been nearly completely demolished. However, the high level radioactive waste generated during… Read more →

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Another recently discovered property of uva ursi is the inhibition of tyrosinase by a 50% alcoholic extract. However, no clinical trials have been reported. CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Crude extracts are widely used in Europe as components in certain diuretic and laxative products, but the major use of uva ursi is as a urinary disinfectant in cases of urinary tract infection. In… Read more →

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Despite significant advances in recent years in the application of sensing and imaging technologies to the study of the hydraulic behaviour of soils, our understanding of how solutes and particulate matter move through soil is still limited and often based on idealised soil structures. The aim of this work was to use an appropriate proxy material, in this case (Decabromodiphenyl… Read more →

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Picture: Lawyer Michael WinklemanSource:SuppliedThey have also remained supportive of Mr Anello releasing a photo of Chloe banging on the glass at an ice hockey game to show how she loved to do so.Chloe had been travelling with her parents Alan and Kimberly Schultz Weigand as well as her grandparents, including Mr Anello.The family were reportedly so hysterical after the tragic… Read more →

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Llinos moved to Durham from Robert Gordon University where she was a Research Assistant for a study considering peer mentoring as an intervention for persistent low back pain. Before returning to academia, Llinos spent much of her career within the public, voluntary and community sectors and has a strong interest in partnership approaches to policy planning and service development. She… Read more →