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Yet even as Pelosi faces persistent opposition, her opponents have suffered a string of setbacks. Pelosi turned one would be challenger into a supporter by doling out a subcommittee gavel and flipped other opponents to the yes column with commitments to address their legislative priorities. With Cisneros, the group now has 16 names on a letter seeking new leadership, almost… Read more →

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Deep ret build. IMO the best build for paladin. You get the highest white damage. Dateline, Baltimore, where the city council votes ‘yes’ on disallowing toy guns. The ban would criminalize replicas of firearms that resemble working firearms too closely. The city council’s president says not only are the faux firearms being used in assaults and robberies, but children are… Read more →

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Founded in 1973, the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF), is a public, non profit organization, that administers one of the nation’s premier education and leadership development programs for minority college students. In addition to providing four year scholarships, JRF offers a comprehensive set of support services that has led to a consistent, nearly 100% graduation rate. Over four decades, JRF has… Read more →

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The BattleMardonius knew that among the Athenians, who had suffered so greatly during the months of war, there were those who would support him. He had been in contact with these traitors before, but had lost this when he withdrew from Athens to Boeotia. So he planned to use his two greatest weapons simultaneously. This paper asks whether archaeologists might… Read more →

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S., Gerstmayr, E., Wood, J. C., Baird, C. D., Blackburn, T. Hancock, Y., 7 Jun 2010Article in Journal of Chemical Physics2009A theoretical basis for spontaneous polarization transfer in non hydrogenative parahydrogen induced polarizationAdams, R. W., Duckett, S. B., Green, R. We spent a bunch of time talking to artists and finding out what kind of rates they expected, how payment… Read more →