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The written case was the major deliverable of the term. Students identified as benefits of this experience many of the learning benefits already underlined in the literature (Ashamalla Crocitto, 2001; Forman, 2006; Vega, 2010) on student written cases, such as deepening of the learning experience, longer learning, development of skills such as critical thinking, research, problem solving, communication, synthesis, analysis,… Read more →

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A new report indicates that Samsung Pay is already in the final stages of its testing. The Korean tech giant is working in cooperation with eight local card vendors to ensure everything works as intended. But, there might still be quite a few problems along the way. Controlling for education, income, ideology, and other socio demographic characteristics, individuals watching Fox… Read more →

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Enceladus appears to have a subsurface ocean, at least in it’s south polar region. And that ocean may be up to 10 km. Deep.. The target date for the portfolios represents the year participants in the portfolio plan to retire and stop making contributions. It’s important before selecting a portfolio for participants to consider their personal circumstances, risk tolerance which… Read more →

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