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Ez a ksrlet azt vizsglta, hogyan hat az emberekre a nap ksbbi szakaszban a reggeli autzskor hallgatott zene energija s bels tartalma,” fejtette ki Koppel Velma, a Spotify munkatrsa s a kutatsi projekt tancsadja. Kiderlt, hogy reggelenknt nemcsak az energikus, vidm dalok vlnak be: amikor kielemeztk a munkba jrshoz hasznlatos lejtszsi listkat, kiderlt, hogy nagyon sok melankolikus zent tartalmaznak. Ez… Read more →

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Please understand that nobody else on the planet is testing off the shelf nutritional products and releasing the results for free. I have taken on this immense task because I truly believe this is important work for the future of humanity. Clean food means healthy babies, and healthy babies give us real hope for the future of human civilization. Although… Read more →

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Walkability in civic and public spaces in Libyan citiesis challenging due to the lack of accessibility design, informal merging into car traffic, and the general absence of adequate urban and space planning. The lack of accessible and pedestrian friendly public spaces in Libyan cities has emerged as a major concern for thegovernment if it is to develop smart and sustainable… Read more →

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To combine these features, the AdaBoost algorithm is applied. Our experiments with an outdoor mobile robot show that the method is able to separate buildings from nature with a high classification rate, and to extrapolate well to images collected under different conditions. Finally, the virtual sensor is applied on the mobile robot, combining its classifications of sub images from a… Read more →