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Compared with the previous survey, a substantially larger number of respondents regarded geriatric medicine to be their first choice specialty and a smaller number regretted their career decision. A greater number chose geriatric medicine early in their medical careers. Commitments to the general medical rota and the burden of service provision were considered important downsides to the specialty.Conclusions: There are… Read more →

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Autonomation and VSM did not show any impact on environmental performance. The research holds important implications for industrialists, who can develop a richer knowledge on the relationship between lean and green. This will help them formulate more effective strategies for their simultaneous or sequential implementation. And the transition from pups to full grown dogs tend to be slow, so the… Read more →

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In a move to keep youngsters and parents away from downed trees and power lines, city officials are erring on the side of safety. Parents aren the only ones concerned about sexual offenders answering the door for trick or treaters Thursday night, as law enforcement is also stepping up to make sure sexual predators aren participating in Halloween activities. Shoppers… Read more →

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Numerical simulation with progressive damage criterion is implemented to investigate the effect of porosity on the bending properties of 2D cross ply carbon/carbon (C/C) composites. The mechanical properties of Pyrocarbon matrix regarding the change of porosity are calculated by using Mori Tanaka approach. Combining with the stiffness degradation scheme, the ultimate bending strengths are calculated in Abaqus though a user… Read more →

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